• MBH Produktberatung

An analysis that is always worth it = value analytical approach

Whenever you feel your product is

  • too expensive to produce,
  • visually less appealing,
  • hopelessly oversized,
  • no longer up-to-date

And you want to change this state, then time has come to use the structured MBH value analytical approach - with a successful guarantee!

We proceed systematically. Not head over heels but with visual judgment. In accordance with EN 12 973, VDI 2800, our specialists will work with you to develop an individual project plan. Easy to understand, comprehensible and purposeful.
How exactly? We do not tell you that yet. Only when you are suffering enough. Then.
The word promise is translated into German as “versprechen” and the pre syllabus “ver” means before and therefore we prefer to talk to you before:

  • Weight reduction
  • Material optimization
  • Quality improvements
  • Process optimization
  • Reduction of cycle times
  • Increase of customer satisfaction
  • Fewer parts with the same function
  • Reduction of production and setup times
  • Creation of optimal sales optics
  • Increased motivation among the employees

...always viewed through the glasses of economy.

For you still a blurred vision? Then, let`s talk officially now:

Value analytical approach serves the development and improvement of products, technical processes and other processes in all areas of business, science and administration. Referring to the application of the value analysis system, a significant improvement and increase in the value of the processed objects is achieved and this, at the same time entails a reduction in the effort and costs compared to the original situation (Wikipedia)
Or quite simple: afterwards better and more economically than before (MBH)

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